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Nutrition and Weight Loss Support

Proper Nutrition + Fitness = Great Results!

New Life Fitness & Wellness is one of the few area health clubs to provide help you with your nutrition, supplements and exercise. 

If you are seeking great results and want to look and feel your best, we encourage you to meet our team.  We can help you maximize your training to get fit and toned quickly.

Everything begins with our Full Body Analysis:

   >Body Mass Index 
   >Non-Fat Mass Calculation
   >Muscle Mass Percentage
   >Metabolism Rate
   >Body Composition

Contact us for your private consultation today. We also have special programs for athletes, seniors and children.  Together, we can achieve your goals.

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Try out out fitness calculators -   a quick way of checking in on your progress from start to finish.


Weight Loss - Get It Off and Keep It Off!

Getting your body to it's ideal weight is sometimes not easy.

The key is to safely and effectively trim down while toning your body for optimal health. At New Life Health and Wellness, we provide diets for overweight people, those suffering from nutritional disorders , people in need of special diets for clinics situations , pregnant women and athletes.

Speak with Sandy or Liz for further details and information.

Weight loss can be achieved for everyone through effective exercise, training, supplementation and programming.  

Let us help you look and feel your best!

Weight Loss Programs

We have weight loss programs for every season!

Call or stop in to see what programs are currently going on and which ones are coming up! Get ready to reach your goals!

 8-12 Weeks of Group Fitness & Motivation, 
Plenty of Encouragement, & Loads of Fun 

Wednesday Nights 7:30pm
Friday Mornings 5:45am 

We will challenge you to hit your next level of fitness from wherever you are at! Come in with the

 "I Can Do This" Attitude and give it everything you've got. You can transform your body and fitness level!

There will be accountability requirements and everyone will have a goal on a tracking sheets for how they are getting there.

Be ready to take your health seriously. The workout is only HALF the program!

The Rest is up to you and what you do on the outside!!

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